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Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. This commitment extends to collaborations with the architects and designers whose plans we meticulously carry out, and to the homeowners with whom our professional, courteous team members interact during a project.

The kitchen and bathroom are two rooms in your house that have a disproportionate effect on home value. Not only is an investment in an elegant kitchen or a stylish bathroom an investment in your happiness, but it is also an investment in the value of your house.

Seek the assistance of a construction firm you can trust. We have more than 20 years of experience providing New Mexico with genuine, courteous service and high-quality craftsmanship.

Castillo's Borthers, Inc.


Castillo's Borthers, Inc.

We design and install flat roofs that look great and last long. We are prepared to listen to your requirements and do not leave the job until you're 100% satisfied.

Whether you are seeking a modernity-inspired roof, a charming sloped roof, or a highly functional metal roof, we are the team to give you unrivaled quality and service.

Whether it is only a few shingles that need replacing, or an issue that requires more immediate attention, we are happy to answer the call. Your satisfaction is important to us!

Everyone deserves a good roof over their head. Our comprehensive roofing repair and maintenance services take the stress and aggravation out of roofing issues.


Stucco has become the most popular exterior finish on the market today. There are many benefits of choosing stucco, which include look, value, and low-maintenance care.

It offers a variety of looks that can appeal to all tastes. There are a wide variety of coloring and styling options to choose from, and stucco is a modern, stylish option to help your home or office stand out and look its best.

Castillo's Builders uses only the highest quality products and materials. It is a smart investment because it saves home and business owners money in the long run. It is longer lasting than wood or vinyl.

One of the details about stucco that home and business owners love the most is that it requires much less maintenance than other traditional finishes. Unlike siding or wood, you do not need to repaint or reinstall stucco every few years.

Castillo's Borthers, Inc.
Castillo's Borthers, Inc.

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Castillo's Borthers, Inc.

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